LineSkip adds optional convenience fees to custom ordering apps!

LineSkip allows restaurants to charge their customers convenience fees to online ordering.

Vancouver, WA, July 10, 2017 – LineSkip is happy to announce merchants can now charge their customers convenience fees for online ordering. Convenience fees may be collected through web ordering and custom iOS and Android applications. Convenience fees are not applicable to the LineSkip app or accounts that do not have custom applications.

There are two options to add a convenience fee; a fixed dollar amount or a percentage amount based on the order total. Percentage based charges are limited to a maximum of 15% and fixed amounts are capped at $5. Both convenience fee options are taxable in your tax settings.

Charging convenience fees is completely optional and LineSkip does not recommend it as it may deter some customers from placing orders online.

To add a convenience fee to your apps and online ordering; login to with your main user account, go to your “Settings”, click “Online Ordering” and scroll to the bottom of the page. If your account is a corporate or multi-location account, you will need to select each location you wish to add the fee to prior going into your “Settings”.

LineSkip Inc., a software company, specializes in offering free online ordering software tools and applications for the restaurant industry. The company offers the most robust menu manager tools that support any restaurant’s unique menu and it’s modifiers as well as offering free supportive software applications. It also offers free hybrid cloud-based POS systems that seamlessly integrate online orders for a total enterprise solution. LineSkip custom develops applications as a white-labeling solution for restaurants to launch their own branded customer facing apps and POS systems.

For more information, visit or contact LineSkip at (800) SKIP-149 or email .