Reporting Tool

Access your reports from anywhere on the cloud, as long as you have internet access, you know how your business is running. LineSkip Analytics offers various reporting features and charts that can be viewed by specific date ranges and filtered by numerous data points. The reports section offers an assortment of reports including end of day, server, item sales, meal periods, and more. You can export the raw data from Analysts or Reports info a PDF or Excel.

LineSkip Dashboard reporting example.
Key Features
QuickBooks Integration

We’ve partnered with QuickBooks to make payroll and taxes a cinch. Sync your employees, taxes, sales, and time sheets with your QuickBooks account and never need to manually need to enter data again.

Inventory Management

Increase efficiency and lower cost with the inventory manager. Track you food’s and product’ costs down to the recipe in real time with the customizable inventory calculator. Low stock alerts allow you to stay ahead of your restaurant’s needs.

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LineSkip Analytics allow you to view data regarding your sales, orders, and users by multiple data points real-time anywhere in the world.

Employee Management

Manage employee’s hours, wages, and earnings with clock in and out capabilities. Assign specific pay rates to individual employees or employment roles and easily track labor costs.

Custom Reports/Export

Build custom reports based on a variety of data points and export graphs and or the raw data them to excel or PDF.

Bank/Till Management

Easily manage each register’s cash or server banks by viewing daily or real time reports of current or past drawers’ expected cash. Track paid in/ paid out cash and server tips. Choose to exclude server tips from reports for tipping out.