LineSkip Kitchen Display System order queue display.
Run Your Restaurant With Ease Using the Built-In KDS

The customizable KDS assures order accuracy, routes items to specific printers, and works without interruption during Internet downtimes.

Multiple view settings, timers and bump buttons allow your kitchen to control their operation their way.

Key Features
Order Timers & Colors

Set custom timers for your orders to change colors based on how long they have been in the queue and quickly view the total time the order have been on the KDS.

Multiple Station Printing

Setup your displays to receive specific menu items and/or categories. Allow the bar to only receive drink orders, kitchen to only receive food or the takeout and delivery host to only receive takeout or delivery orders.

Customize Order Views

Choose what order details are displayed on the orders. Display options such as customer name, phone number, order timer, order total, modifier category names, and more.

Easily Track / Manage Orders

Configure the KDS to display “Filled” and “Picked” up buttons that automatically notify your customers when their orders are ready for pickup or have left for delivery. Once an order is prepped, hit the “Filled” button to move it out of the main KDS queue and into a separate queue for pick up and delivery.

Local and Cloud Based

The cloud-based KDS syncs with other KDS in your restaurant; allowing all your screens to display all the same info in real time. The KDS also works locally during Internet outages so that your kitchen always receives orders from the POS.

All Your Orders in One Place

The KDS automatically receives orders from your POS system, online ordering, LineSkip App, and custom branded apps.