The LineSkip POS is the perfect POS for Wineries

The menu manager allows for various menu options available during specific days of the week or time of day, and allows for you to update your menu on the fly. The Winery POS allows for opening TABs with EMV (chip) cards and auto closes them at the end of the night as well as auto gratuity for large parties.

Loyalty programs automatically collect your customer’s contact info and builds profiles for customer relationship management (CRM), giving you the opportunity to keep in contact with your customers.

LineSkip Restaurant Point of Sale
Key Features
User Permissions

Managing your employees’ access is simple with the option to set user permissions by position type and/or per each individual user. Set limits on voids/refunds and discounts or choose to not have these need a manager approval.

Tip Adjustments

The flexible payment settings allow you to accept tip and signature on the app for QSR and table-side payments or select “Casual Dinning” for traditional tip and sign on a receipt experience. Both settings accept EMV chip cards and shift the liability to the banks!


Don’t hold onto credit cards and IDs with the TABs functionality. Easily track TABs with EMV (chip) cards by authorizing the initial transaction amount first. Easily track and search open TABs with the customer’s name. Choose to close out TABs with a new card, cash, or split check for multiple payments. TABs auto close for the total balance due at the end of the shift so no revenue is lost.

Mobile Order Taking

Shorten wait and ordering times by line-busting or tableside ordering! The iPad POS and Bluetooth card reader makes for easy mobile ordering and payment acceptance.

Split Bill

Whether you need to split checks by items or evenly across multiple customers, splitting checks is a cinch with the LineSkip POS. Split checks can easily be undone as well as have new items added to already split checks.

Discounts & Promos

Create customized hot key discount or promo buttons for quick checkout. Easily run promos with coupon codes that start and expire with set dates.


The CRM will allow you send out actionable auto generated emails, run scheduled promos, and send custom push notifications immediately or scheduled. You’ll be able to view your customer demographics and analytics data as well as response rates.