Restaurant Point of Sale

Built specifically for restaurants, the LineSkip POS is the most robust and intuitive POS in the market. The free iPad enterprise POS app is a hybrid system, allowing for automatic syncing with the cloud without any downtime during internet interruption, offering everything you need to run a successful restaurant.

LineSkip Restaurant Point of Sale
Key Features
Customer Facing Display

The optional customer facing display helps increase sales, tips and order efficiency. Allow your customers to view their order prior to sending it and login or sign up to your loyalty program. Tips, signatures, and emailed receipts are automated on the screen, saving you time and money.

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Contactless Payments

Whether mobile, counter-top or in-store, Miura’s M010 card reader evolves the retail experience with true versatility. Now you can interact with customers wherever they go. Operate across the retail environment, both in-store and in pop-up or tactical locations, with true Chip and PIN & contactless integration throughout. The NFC capable card readers offer quick payment solutions by accepting contactless cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.


Multiple menu layout options allow you to customize the way you view and navigate your categories, subcategories and items. Users can choose their own options and save them to their user preferences and have the same experience at each terminal without affecting other users.

Delivery Management - Coming Soon

Increase efficiency by automating your deliveries with the delivery management app. Offer the most efficient delivery service possible with optimum routes and delivery order assignment. See your deliveries and driver's locations in real time, and view historical analytics.

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Order Status Tracking

You and your customers can be kept notified by tracking order statuses. The LineSkip Order Queue (KDS) automatically tracks average times, notifies the customer when their online orders have been received, when ready, when left for delivery, and when they have been picked up. The Order Queue also helps the back of the house keep track of order efficiency by tracking order times, when orders hit customized time thresholds, the orders will change designated colors and modified orders will flash.

Caller ID

The POS caller ID functionality automatically notifies you of the phone number of who is calling. If the caller is a past customer, it will automatically display their name and allow you to either see their current order, or place a takeout or delivery order. Once you accept the call, you’ll be able to see the customer’s delivery address and past order history as well as profile notes and loyalty rewards.

Order Accuracy

Human error is nearly eliminated with the intuitive forced modifiers walk through on the menu, customer facing screen, and online ordering on the same platform; all improving your order accuracy, waste and costs.

Real-Time Reporting

View accurate inventory levels real-time from anywhere. All transactions automatically sync with the cloud and calculate your inventory.

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Low Stock Alerts

Stay on top of your inventory by receiving automatic debt low stock alerts.

Manage Vendors

Keep track of your PO's and vendors with the vendor management tool.

Track Cost of Goods Sold / Waste-Lost

Monitor your cost of goods sold and keep record of your waste.

Increase Efficiency & Save Time

Spend less time and increase your efficiency at managing inventory or placing purchase orders by automating your inventory level management.


Don’t hold onto credit cards and IDs with the TABs functionality. Easily track TABs with EMV (chip) cards by authorizing the initial transaction amount first. Easily track and search open TABs with the customer’s name. Choose to close out TABs with a new card, cash, or split check for multiple payments. TABs auto close for the total balance due at the end of the shift so no revenue is lost.

Bank/Till Management

Easily manage each register’s cash or server banks by viewing daily or real time reports of current or past drawers’ expected cash. Track paid in/ paid out cash and server tips. Choose to exclude server tips from reports for tipping out.

Employee Management

Manage employee’s hours, wages, and earnings with clock in and out capabilities. Assign specific pay rates to individual employees or employment roles and easily track labor costs.

Always On Mode

Never experience any downtime with offline mode enabled. Offline mode allows the POS continuous operational capabilities and no interruptions with processing payments, sending order to the kitchen, viewing open and closed checks and TABs. The hybrid POS auto syncs with the cloud once connected to the Internet, without any interruption or downtime between terminals or the KDS system!

QuickBooks Integration

We’ve partnered with QuickBooks to make payroll and taxes a cinch. Sync your employees, taxes, sales, and time sheets with your QuickBooks account and never need to manually need to enter data again.

Split Bill

Whether you need to split checks by items or evenly across multiple customers, splitting checks is a cinch with the LineSkip POS. Split checks can easily be undone as well as have new items added to already split checks.

Employee Pins

Unique employee PINs allow for quick and secure access to the POS from the lock screen. Allow for your employees to create their own custom PINs or have them auto generated. Checks can be tied to each server profile or be shared with everyone.

Tip Adjustments

The flexible payment settings allow you to accept tip and signature on the app for QSR and table-side payments or select “Casual Dinning” for traditional tip and sign on a receipt experience. Both settings accept EMV chip cards and shift the liability to the banks!


The CRM will allow you send out actionable auto generated emails, run scheduled promos, and send custom push notifications immediately or scheduled. You’ll be able to view your customer demographics and analytics data as well as response rates.

Inventory Management

Increase efficiency and lower cost with the inventory manager. Track you food’s and product’ costs down to the recipe in real time with the customizable inventory calculator. Low stock alerts allow you to stay ahead of your restaurant’s needs.

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Eliminate Human Error

The smart POS automatically forces users to make forced selections and notifies them when a previously chosen modifier is unavailable based on a new modifier selection. The POS can build in rules, price changes, and up-charges based on modifier choices without any popups or page changes, creating the most intuitive and robust ordering system available.

Table Management - Coming Soon

The Table Management application manages your front of restaurant by automating wait lists, reservations, and seating.

Kitchen Display System

Run your restaurant with ease using the built in KDS. The customizable KDS assures order accuracy, routes items to specific printers, and works without interruption during Internet downtimes. Multiple view settings, timers and bump buttons allow your kitchen to control their operation their way.

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Custom Branded App

Using your restaurant’s logos and branding, we will completely develop a custom branded application specifically built for your restaurant. We’ll create and launch you an iPhone and Android version.

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Loyalty Programs

Increase your sales and repeat customers by implementing a customizable loyalty program that is built into your online ordering, POS, and custom apps. Get rid of punch cards and make it easy to collect customer info and data for your customer relationship management!

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Delivery Driver App

Lower your costs with the Delivery Driver app. The app allows drivers to view order details, get directions, accept card-present transactions, and email and/or print receipts. The app even notifies your customer when their pizza has left for delivery, the estimated delivery arrival time, and when their delivery has arrived through push notifications and soon SMS messaging!

Mobile Payments

Lower your transactions costs and accept card present payments on the go, either table-side, on delivery or wherever necessary.

Automated Delivery Routes - Efficiency

The Delivery Manager app automates your driver's routes based on traffic and distance between deliveries and store offering the most efficient routes possible.

Track Deliveries in Real-Time

Stay on top of your deliveries with real time delivery and driver tracking as well as estimated return times.

Automated Delivery Assignment

The Delivery Driver Manager app automatically assigns delivery orders to drivers based on delivery locations, order estimated ready times, driver return times and more.

Combos & Entrees

Increase sales by combining multiple items together to build a combination meal, build multiple item discount pricing options for specials or add items together to create an Entrée. Allow for customization of each item within your Entrée for total control of the order.

Custom Menus

We have the most comprehensive menu management software and tools on the market. No matter how specialized your menu structure is; we can support it. You can add multiple items together to build a combination meal with discounted pricing or entrees with additional items included.

Online Ordering

Receive online orders from multiple avenues including the LineSkip app, custom app and your restaurant’s web and Facebook and pages.

Track Inventory By Recipes

Track inventories down to your recipe. Build item calculations using the inventory calculator that automatically adjusts your inventory based on your sales.