Delivery Management Made Easy

LineSkip makes offering delivery a cost effective service. The delivery driver manager streamlines your delivery service by automating your delivery orders management. The application increases efficiency by automatically assigning orders to drivers and routing them in the most efficient driving directions.

LineSkip Delivery Management app example.
Key Features
Delivery Driver App

Lower your costs with the Delivery Driver app. The app allows drivers to view order details, get directions, accept card-present transactions, and email and/or print receipts. The app even notifies your customer when their pizza has left for delivery, the estimated delivery arrival time, and when their delivery has arrived through push notifications and soon SMS messaging!

Mobile Payments

Lower your transactions costs and accept card present payments on the go, either table-side, on delivery or wherever necessary.

Automated Delivery Routes - Efficiency

The Delivery Manager app automates your driver's routes based on traffic and distance between deliveries and store offering the most efficient routes possible.

Track Deliveries in Real-Time

Stay on top of your deliveries with real time delivery and driver tracking as well as estimated return times.

Automated Delivery Assignment

The Delivery Driver Manager app automatically assigns delivery orders to drivers based on delivery locations, order estimated ready times, driver return times and more.