Lineskip App

It’s easy to have new customers discover your restaurant with the LineSkip app. The app allows customers to search for a restaurant, view your restaurant’s menu, place orders, and pay ahead. Customers then become loyal to your restaurant by accruing rewards within the app and storing your restaurant and their order as a favorite for their next visit.

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LineSkip Application Landing Screen
Webpage Ordering
LineSkip Online Ordering on Desktop PC.

No need to direct your customers to a third party site to compete with other restaurants, easily accept online orders directly and securely from your own webpage.

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Facebook Ordering

Allow your customers to order directly from you Facebook site. Allow your customers to do some marketing for you by sharing their ordering and dining experience!

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Custom Branded Mobile App
LineSkip Mexican Restaurant example.

Using your restaurant’s branding, we’ll completely customize a iPhone and Android built specifically for your restaurant.

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