Fast Casual Restaurant
Point of Sale

The LineSkip POS offers the most flexible setting configurations of any POS in the market place, allowing you to operate your restaurant the way you need to.

LineSkip Fast Casual Point of Sale on PROPER stand.
Key Features
Custom Menus

We have the most comprehensive menu management software and tools on the market. No matter how specialized your menu structure is; we can support it. You can add multiple items together to build a combination meal with discounted pricing or entrees with additional items included.

Online Ordering

Receive online orders from multiple avenues including the LineSkip app, custom app and your restaurant’s web and Facebook and pages.

Combos & Entrees

Increase sales by combining multiple items together to build a combination meal, build multiple item discount pricing options for specials or add items together to create an Entrée. Allow for customization of each item within your Entrée for total control of the order.

Customer Facing Display

The optional customer facing display helps increase sales, tips and order efficiency. Allow your customers to view their order prior to sending it and login or sign up to your loyalty program. Tips, signatures, and emailed receipts are automated on the screen, saving you time and money.

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Loyalty Programs

Increase your sales and repeat customers by implementing a customizable loyalty program that is built into your online ordering, POS, and custom apps. Get rid of punch cards and make it easy to collect customer info and data for your customer relationship management!

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Kitchen Display System

Run your restaurant with ease using the built in KDS. The customizable KDS assures order accuracy, routes items to specific printers, and works without interruption during Internet downtimes. Multiple view settings, timers and bump buttons allow your kitchen to control their operation their way.

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