Branded Apps

Using your restaurant’s logos and branding, we will completely develop a custom branded application specifically built for your restaurant. We’ll create and launch you an iPhone and Android version. Just some of the things your customers will be able to do on your apps:

  • Find your restaurant’s location(s) & Get Directions
  • Save favorite locations as a shortcut (multiple location only)
  • Place orders for Dine In; Takeout; and/or Delivery
  • Save orders as favorites for quick ordering functionality
  • Store Credit cards for quick payments
  • Store & Redeem Loyalty points*
  • Receive & Store automated receipts and Purchase history
  • Pay with and Reload gift cards*
  • View store’s regular and holiday hours
  • Social Links

*If offered

LineSkip Branded Apps ordering on iPhone.
Best of Both Worlds
LineSkip Mexican Restaurant example.

Have your restaurant accessible on your custom branded app and the LineSkip app.

Don’t limit order access to your restaurant with one single app. With LineSkip´s custom branded apps, your restaurant will continually add new customers by being found on the LineSkipnetwork.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Allow your customers to store and redeem their loyalty points on your app.

Offer gift cards? We’ll integrate them into your app’s mobile wallet for your customers to be able to store, pay, and even reload them.

LineSkip gift card loyalty program on iPhone.
LineSkip animated chart graphic.
  • Marketing tools offer on-demand marketing options through Email & Push Notification. Easily send messages to your customers through your app or through email at any time.
    • You can develop your own marketing campaign and sort it by demographics, buyer behavior, and other data points at any time.
  • Access to customer and analytics data
    • Sort your Sales and Customer through many different data points including; demographics, item sales, date & time ranges, geographic regions and more.
  • Advertise on your app
    • Create your own add campaign and promote it on your app at anytime. Your customers will automatically see your advertisement upon opening the app.
  • News Page (optional)
    • Continually update your customers with what’s going on with your brand or restaurant by offering a news blog that supports images.

Take online orders from your webpage, Facebook site, LineSkip app and customized apps built just for you!

  • Free online ordering through with LineSkip network.
  • Free Use of Order Queue App
Custom App
Single Location
$69 /MonthOR$789 /Annual
Setup $299
Voice ordering $999 setup fee. All pricing is in USD.
$59 /Month* OR $674 /Annual*
Setup $199 *Per Location
Voice ordering $999 setup fee. All pricing is in USD.
10+ Locations
$54 /Month* OR $619 /Annual*
Free Setup *Per Location
Voice ordering $999 setup fee. All pricing is in USD.
50+ Locations
Contact Us
Free Setup
Free Voice Ordering Setup.
Custom App

Included in Setup:

  • Menu Upload
  • One-on-one Dashboard and Order Queue Training
  • Loyalty Program Setup
  • Third Party Gift Card Integration
  • Custom Brand Design Assistance
Custom App

Included in Monthly Fee:

  • On-going Customer Support
  • Custom Branded App.
  • Unlimited Orders
  • User Data (must provide privacy policy)
  • Data Analytics