Coffee Shop
Point of Sale

The LineSkip POS was designed with coffee shops in mind, accounting for simple menus with complex recipes. The robust menu manager allows you to build rules that adjust your modifiers based on other modifier selections so that your employees and customers don’t make any ordering mistakes. That, coupled with built-in online ordering, and customer loyalty programs allow for the most comprehensive but simple to use coffee shop POS on the market.

LineSkip Point of Sale on low-profile PROPER stand.
Key Features
Custom Branded App

Using your restaurant’s logos and branding, we will completely develop a custom branded application specifically built for your restaurant. We’ll create and launch you an iPhone and Android version.

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Customer Facing Display

The optional customer facing display helps increase sales, tips and order efficiency. Allow your customers to view their order prior to sending it and login or sign up to your loyalty program. Tips, signatures, and emailed receipts are automated on the screen, saving you time and money.

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Loyalty Programs

Increase your sales and repeat customers by implementing a customizable loyalty program that is built into your online ordering, POS, and custom apps. Get rid of punch cards and make it easy to collect customer info and data for your customer relationship management!

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Always On Mode

Never experience any downtime with offline mode enabled. Offline mode allows the POS continuous operational capabilities and no interruptions with processing payments, sending order to the kitchen, viewing open and closed checks and TABs. The hybrid POS auto syncs with the cloud once connected to the Internet, without any interruption or downtime between terminals or the KDS system!

Contactless Payments

Whether mobile, counter-top or in-store, Miura’s M010 card reader evolves the retail experience with true versatility. Now you can interact with customers wherever they go. Operate across the retail environment, both in-store and in pop-up or tactical locations, with true Chip and PIN & contactless integration throughout. The NFC capable card readers offer quick payment solutions by accepting contactless cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Order Accuracy

Human error is nearly eliminated with the intuitive forced modifiers walk through on the menu, customer facing screen, and online ordering on the same platform; all improving your order accuracy, waste and costs.