Running a Pizza restaurant has never been easier

The Pizza POS offers multiple Pizza tools to allow for right half/left half toppings, half and half pizzas, and multiple topping pricing options. With built-in online ordering, caller ID, loyalty programs, and delivery driver apps, running your pizzeria on a single software platform saves you time and money.

LineSkip Point of Sale pizza restaurant setup example.
Key Features
Half Pizzas-Pizza Tool

Half and Half named pizzas are easily created and each side can be easily modified on a single screen. Choose between multiple pricing setup options.

Pizza Half Pricing

The Pizza tool allows for easy customization of the right half and left half pizza toppings. The tool also allows for multiple pricing settings for toppings; based on size, topping category, type and more!

Custom Menus

We have the most comprehensive menu management software and tools on the market. No matter how specialized your menu structure is; we can support it. You can add multiple items together to build a combination meal with discounted pricing or entrees with additional items included.

Delivery Management - Coming Soon

Increase efficiency by automating your deliveries with the delivery management app. Offer the most efficient delivery service possible with optimum routes and delivery order assignment. See your deliveries and driver's locations in real time, and view historical analytics.

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Online Ordering

Receive online orders from multiple avenues including the LineSkip app, custom app and your restaurant’s web and Facebook and pages.

Loyalty Programs

Increase your sales and repeat customers by implementing a customizable loyalty program that is built into your online ordering, POS, and custom apps. Get rid of punch cards and make it easy to collect customer info and data for your customer relationship management!

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Caller ID

The POS caller ID functionality automatically notifies you of the phone number of who is calling. If the caller is a past customer, it will automatically display their name and allow you to either see their current order, or place a takeout or delivery order. Once you accept the call, you’ll be able to see the customer’s delivery address and past order history as well as profile notes and loyalty rewards.

Order Status Tracking

You and your customers can be kept notified by tracking order statuses. The LineSkip Order Queue (KDS) automatically tracks average times, notifies the customer when their online orders have been received, when ready, when left for delivery, and when they have been picked up. The Order Queue also helps the back of the house keep track of order efficiency by tracking order times, when orders hit customized time thresholds, the orders will change designated colors and modified orders will flash.

Employee Management

Manage employee’s hours, wages, and earnings with clock in and out capabilities. Assign specific pay rates to individual employees or employment roles and easily track labor costs.