Brewery Point of Sale

LineSkip simplifies running breweries with EMV Tabs, Table-Side Ordering/Payments, and Always On Mode. The Hybrid solution ensures the most reliable system with no down time and no interruptions during internet outages.

Key Features

Don’t hold onto credit cards and IDs with the TABs functionality. Easily track TABs with EMV (chip) cards by authorizing the initial transaction amount first. Easily track and search open TABs with the customer’s name. Choose to close out TABs with a new card, cash, or split check for multiple payments. TABs auto close for the total balance due at the end of the shift so no revenue is lost.

Bank/Till Management

Easily manage each register’s cash or server banks by viewing daily or real time reports of current or past drawers’ expected cash. Track paid in/ paid out cash and server tips. Choose to exclude server tips from reports for tipping out.

Custom Menus

We have the most comprehensive menu management software and tools on the market. No matter how specialized your menu structure is; we can support it. You can add multiple items together to build a combination meal with discounted pricing or entrees with additional items included.

Line Busting / Table-Side Order Taking

Shorten wait and ordering times by line-busting or table-side ordering! The iPad POS and Bluetooth card reader makes for easy mobile ordering and payment acceptance.

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Always On Mode

Never experience any downtime with offline mode enabled. Offline mode allows the POS continuous operational capabilities and no interruptions with processing payments, sending order to the kitchen, viewing open and closed checks and TABs. The hybrid POS auto syncs with the cloud once connected to the Internet, without any interruption or downtime between terminals or the KDS system!

Discounts & Promos

Create customized hot key discount or promo buttons for quick checkout. Easily run promos with coupon codes that start and expire with set dates.